Picnicking in the wild of the Maasai Mara offers a unique way to enjoy the natural beauty of this remarkable landscape, while indulging in some delicious food. This activity is typically offered as part of a full-day safari excursion, allowing guests to have their meal amidst the stunning vistas of the Mara.

A picnic in the wild, also known as a bush picnic or bush meal, is a dining experience offered by many safari operators. This involves packing a meal to be enjoyed at a scenic spot in the wilderness of the Maasai Mara. Depending on the time of day and the specific safari itinerary, this could be breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.

The Experience

The setting for a bush picnic can range from a picturesque spot overlooking the savannah, under the shade of an acacia tree, or by the side of a winding river. Imagine enjoying a delicious meal while watching a herd of elephants in the distance, or gazing out over the vast plains dotted with wildebeest and zebras.

The meal itself typically includes a selection of sandwiches, fresh fruits, salads, and pastries, along with refreshments. Some operators also offer hot meals cooked on-site, which can be a special treat.

Safety is paramount during a bush picnic. The chosen picnic spot is always in a safe area, and your guides will be vigilant for any wildlife activity nearby. Also, please respect the environment and ensure that all litter is taken back with you to your camp or lodge to help keep the Maasai Mara pristine. Remember to always adhere to the “Leave No Trace” principles to ensure the preservation of these wild spaces for future generations